The mission of Purchasing is to effectively manage, administer, and coordinate procurement processes throughout the Organization. We are committed to employing a vendor contracting and management strategy that will maximize the value for each dollar expended in order to benefit the entire University community. Our goal is to obtain the highest quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable costs while adding value. We strive to provide exceptional customer service to our internal customers.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Establish exclusive and preferred vendors where applicable throughout the University.
  • Manage the procurement function to ensure compliance with University policies.
  • Maintain a consistent and ethical policy toward the entire business community.
  • Apply principles of value analysis to the purchasing process in order to obtain the best quality for the price and delivery within the desired time frame.
  • Oversee vendor relations, vendor negotiations, and archival of purchasing-related documentation.
  • Ensure effective and cooperative relationships with our customers and suppliers to maximize customer satisfaction.