Wal-Mart Vendor Program

Vendor ID #000322974

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The following steps are important to remember when shopping at Wal-Mart for authorized business purchases. These procedures apply for shopping at only these three area stores only: Maplewood Commons, Kirkwood and Fairview Heights.

Making a Purchase Using a P-Card:

  • Refer to the University Guidelines for P-Card purchases before shopping to ensure the intended items to purchased are eligible.
  • You will need to present a Missouri Tax Exempt Certificate before checkout to avoid being charged sales tax along with a Photo ID and/or SLU ID.

Special Situations:

  • When making large purchases or considering buying items in bulk, Purchasing may be able to assist you further with discounted Wal-Mart pricing.

For Walmart.com purchases: 

  • When you register for an account on Walmart.com, you must refer to Customer ID (79780293)  and it will be noted as Tax Exempt.  Your order will have tax calculated into it, Wal-Mart customer service must be contacted in order to request a refund on the specified amount.  Contact help@walmart.com with the order number for assistance.

As always, retain the shopping receipt for future reference and for potential reconciliation questions.

Please contact Ellen Borowiak at 314-977-7045 for assistance.

Reviewed 6/7/2018