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Copying a Requisition

New Fiscal Year Blanket Orders

Billiken Buy Blanket orders for FY 2018 may be copied from the FY 2017 requisition or purchase order by the original Buyer.

1. Click Orders, View Orders, enter the EP blanket order number, and open the document.

2. Click the Actions button and then click Copy.

3. Review and update as necessary the Name, Description, and Amount fields. Reference the previous FY standing order # and any applicable account numbers with the vendor in the Description field. If a previous fiscal year PO is not available, please indicate so by including "N/A" or "No prior year SO" in this field.

4. Enter the Valid From and Valid To dates: 7/1/2017 - 6/30/2018

5. Review and update as necessary the FOAPAL and Ship To fields.

6. Change the Financial Year to *Fiscal Year 2018*.

7. Review and update the Available To users, Send to Supplier, Alert Amount and Alert Dates as necessary.

8. Review the Justification fields - When you copy a FY17 PO or blanket PO, the justification attachments (bids) and sole source information will also copy. Update any bids/sole source to make sure the information is current and make sure the fiscal year is changed to FY18.

9. Verify the Org Unit - generally this should agree with the FOAPAL org

10. Click Create.

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