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Travel Authorization

Travel and Entertainment Policy

Faculty and staff must obtain prior approval of all travel on behalf of the University before making any travel arrangements. Travel on behalf of the University includes any business travel while on "University time" even if the University does not reimburse the travel.

Required Pre-approvals:

  • Domestic Travel (50 United States only) - Travel approver.
  • International Travel (anywhere outside of the 50 United States) - All of the above plus the traveler's Dean/AVP or his/her designee.
  • Travel charged to a Sponsored Program Fund - All of the above plus Sponsored Programs check list to be completed by the authorized approver.

Pre-trip Approval Process:

When requesting approval, travelers must provide the dates of the trip, purpose, destination, and estimated cost of the trip including air and ground transportation, lodging, conference fees, meals and incidentals. Request for approval to travel should be made using the On-line booking tool as you book airfare, hotel or a rental car. Instructions for this process can be found in the SLU On-Line Booking Quick Reference Guide.

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