Financial Planning and Budget

The Office of Financial Planning and Budget (Budget Office) manages the University's Operating and Capital budgets from the executive planning stage down to reviewing budget transactions that occur at the department level. In conjunction with the University's departmental business managers, the Budget office assists in the implementation of the upcoming fiscal year budgets after approval by the Board of Trustees, by utilizing the Banner systems to affect annual merit increases and line-item operating expense budgeting. The Budget Office also prepares the University's fiscal year-end operating forecasts provided in the University's Financial Statements supporting schedules.

Additionally, the Budget Office participates in University-wide initiatives such as:

  • Various planning and advisory committees
  • Banner systems upgrade and new product testing
  • Position Control and other HR data-related functions
  • University policies and procedures development

The Office of Financial Planning and Budget is dedicated to optimizing existing resources to provide financial analysis and recommendations to all facets of the University community as a foundation upon which University decision-makers can make informed strategic financial decisions. Please feel free to contact us for help on your next project.

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The Office of Financial Planning and Budgeting is located on the 3rd floor of the Wool Center.