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Banner Finance Access

Access to Banner Finance may be requested by University employees requiring on-line financial information to fulfill institutional management or operational responsibilities. Database access is not a right, but rather a privilege based on University policies and procedures designed to protect the use, confidentiality, privacy and security of institutional and personal information. Existence of a database does not imply access is generally available or that a request will be approved. Access is approved subject to specific institutional guidelines, "need-to-know" requirements, and data inquiry/update restrictions.

For security reasons, access to funds in Banner Finance is controlled by the hierarchical ownership of funds which permits authorized access to specific funds at various levels within the University's organization according to the executive level, school/division, department or sub-department linked to the fund. For example, access granted at the school/division level permits access to all funds assigned to the particular school/division. Access granted at the department level is more restrictive, permitting access only to those funds assigned to a particular department.

Important: It is the department administrator's responsibility to notify the Banner Finance security officer when a department employee with Banner Finance access leaves the department or no longer needs access due to a job change. Contact Lisa Zoia immediately regarding system access changes.

To request Banner Finance access: click on the IT Service Request icon on the mySLU Tools tab. Click Accounts & Access, and then University Security Access Request.

  • SLU Net ID+: Enter the employee's username and press the Tab key.
  • Functional Areas: Check the Finance box.
  • Type of request: Check the appropriate box to indicate Change Access, Delete Access, New User.
  • Screen/Access Type: check appropriate box; PROD is the Production system.
  • Manager Approval: Enter the SLUNet ID (username) of the authorized approver, approver's name and phone number.
  • Finance Tab: Check all boxes that are appropriate for the requestor's job responsibilities. In addition, list organization(s) and/or funds that the user may access. Click here for additional information about completing the access request form.
  • Click Submit (located in upper right corner of form)
  • The Banner Finance security manager is notified via e-mail of the request, and will obtain additional approvals, as necessary. After processing the request, the security manager notifies the authorized approver.
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