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Finance Transaction Correction Instructions

This form is to be utilized for all non-payroll transaction corrections. Please refer to University Policy and Procedures for additional information, if needed.

When completing this form, please enter the requested information.

  • Department: Enter the name of the department or sub-department submitting the correction request.
  • Date: Enter the date that the form is completed.
  • Fund: Enter the six-digit fund number of each line for the transaction. Each transaction will have two lines, one for the fund charged (debit), and one for the fund credited (credit).
  • Account: Enter the six-digit account code for each line of the transaction. If using travel account codes (739xxx), you must enter a Trip # as the first entry in the "Transaction Reference".
  • Activity Code: Enter the six-digit activity code for each line for the transaction, if applicable. This field is optional.
  • Description: Enter the description of the transaction as it appears in the Banner Self Service Operating Ledger Query  Vendor/Transaction Description field or in the Cognos BUSFM003 Report of Transactions Trans Description field.
  • Transaction Date: Enter the Transaction Date for the transaction to be corrected. (MMDDYY format).
  • Transaction Reference: Enter the eight-digit Document Code as shown on the BSS Operating Ledger Query or Cognos Report of Transactions. Enter the Trip # first, if applicable.
  • Debit Amount: Enter the dollar amount of the fund/account to be charged by the transaction correction. Total debits must equal total credits.
  • Credit Amount: Enter the dollar amount of the fund/account to be corrected by the transaction correction. Total debits must equal total credits.
  • Reason for Transaction Correction: A justification for the transaction correction must be stated, including 1) Why the orginal transaction correction was not recorded correctly, 2) How the expense charging a sponsored program direclty benefits the award, if applicable, and/or 3) Explanation to support the source of non-Sponsored Program funds impacted by the cost transfer. Step 3 is for 3xxxx Sponsored Programs funds only. Transaction corrections not appropriately justified will be returned to the originating department. 
  • Approvals: Obtain required approvals according to University and departmental policies and forward to Controller's Office-Accounting and Financial Reporting or the Medical Center Finance Office for review and approval. Upon approval, Finance Transaction Correction forms are forwarded to Controller-Accounting and Financial Reporting for processing.

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