Automobile Insurance

Saint Louis University maintains auto liability insurance to cover damages and legal defense costs for bodily injury or property damages resulting from auto accidents involving vehicles owned or rented by the University.

  • The University's automobile insurer retains the right to monitor or refuse to insure an individual driver. Should the automobile insurer decline coverage of any driver, that driver will not be authorized to drive a University insured vehicle.

  • The University does not insure personal vehicles under any circumstances. If an employee chooses to use a personal vehicle for University business, the personal automobile policy covering the vehicle is primary.Only authorized drivers, drivers who have completed a motor vehicle license check, affiliated with the University in the capacity of student, faculty or staff shall be permitted to drive a vehicle rented or owned by the University. Use of a vehicle is restricted to authorized university-related activities.

  • Saint Louis University prohibits University vehicles to be taken out of the country. Rental of vehicles in a foreign country is discouraged, however the University recognizes that there may be times when public transportation is unavailable or not feasible. Any foreign rental must be pre-approved by University Risk Management.

  • You must be 18 years or older in order to drive a University vehicle. Please adhere to the specifications of the rental companies for their age requirements.

  • If you are renting or driving a vehicle on University sponsored business and require evidence of insurance coverage you must first complete a Motor Vehicle License Registration Check (MVLRC) and receive approval. A MVLRC should be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the use of the vehicle. To complete a MVLRC please click here.

  • The University prohibits the use and/or rental of vans with a wheel base greater than 148 inches or a max or 12 passengers. No exceptions to this policy will be made. For van rental information, see Transportation Services.

  • All University vehicles should carry an automobile liability insurance identification card. For a copy of the card, please contact Risk Management at 314-977-3952 or