Travel and Entertainment Policy


Hotel reservations should be booked through the Concur booking tool or our travel advisor, TravelPlex.

An exception would be for those travelers attending conferences offering discounted block rates.

Room Type:

A single room in a hotel is the University standard. Room upgrades, suites, concierge level, or luxury accommodations are not permitted.

Maximum Reimbursement:

Not Attending a Conference

  • The maximum reimbursement for lodging is the actual expense incurred up to the SLU Hotel Per Diem. The SLU Hotel Per Diem is defined as the United States government lodging per diem for the applicable locality plus an additional 20%.

Attending a Conference

  • The reimbursement for lodging is the actual expense incurred, up to the lowest published conference room rate.  Conference travelers may book non-conference hotels up to the lowest published conference hotel rate.  Travelers should book at the single occupancy rate.
  • Travelers should book conference hotels as early as possible to ensure a room at the discounted conference rate.


All rooms will be guaranteed for late arrival. Travelers must cancel the room reservation by the required notice timeframe specified by the hotel to avoid a "no-show" charge. Cancellations must be made directly with TravelPlex by calling the telephone number listed on your itinerary, and travelers are advised to request and retain a cancellation number, date, time and name of the individual as documentation of the transaction. "No-show" charges are not reimbursable.

Alternative Lodging:

In special situations, travelers may use appropriate alternative lodging less expensive than a hotel such as dormitories or hostels.

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