Credit Card Training

Only authorized and properly trained individuals can process credit card transactions and access systems or reports containing credit or debit card data. Employees who have access to cardholder data and/or who are involved in credit card processing must complete credit card security training upon hire and annually. Employees will be notified of their annual training via email and notifications in Self-Service Banner. Employees who do not complete the credit card training within 30 days of the initial notification, will have all credit card processing privileges removed and the respective Dean/Vice President will be notified.

Contractors, volunteers and other individuals who are not University employees and who plan to accept or process credit or debit cards on behalf of Saint Louis University, must also be trained prior to taking on their credit and debit card handling duties and annually thereafter. It is the responsibility of the Merchant Manager to notify Treasury & Investments at of any non-employee processing or handling credit or debit card data.

If you have requested to loan a Special Events Credit Card Terminal, please email to be added to the PCI Training.  This training must be completed before you can begin processing credit card transactions on behalf of the University. 

For more information on PCI Training, please view the Training section of the Merchant Card Processing Policy.