Saint Louis University

What is SLU Marketplace?

The SLU Marketplace is a campus wide e-commerce system offered to Saint Louis University departments. The Marketplace provides a departmental solution for creating, managing and operating online stores including electronic storefronts, shopping card functionality, secure interfaces for third party applications and Banner ERP integration.

The SLU Marketplace tools allow departments to build branded websites, sell tickets, promote events and much more. Online shoppers can use one shopping cart and single checkout from multiple stores, while transactions are fed to the University's Banner ERP system.

To reach the SLU Marketplace - click here.

Why use SLU Marketplace?


  • Time and money by going online.
  • Single platform for campus-wide merchants.


  • Stores are open 24x7.
  • Generate additional streams of revenue on campus.


  • Eliminates manual General Ledger postings or departmental deposits.
  • PCI Compliant.
  • Streamlined reconciliation across departments.

For questions regarding SLU Marketplace, please email SLU Marketplace or contact Mindy Brown at 314-977-2466.