PCI Compliance Committee

SLU PCI Committee

Saint Louis University accepts credit card payments as a convenience to its customers and is committed to protecting and preserving the privacy and security of payment card data collected and processed to conduct University business operations. Saint Louis University has a fiduciary responsibility to patients, students, donors, customers and payment card processors to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) when handling payment card transactions.

The PCI Compliance Committee was established to govern PCI DSS and oversee merchant card processing compliance for the University. The Committee consists of members from Information Technology Services, Treasury and Investments and representatives from various University merchants.

What is PCI?

All University departments that handle, store, process, or transmit cardholder data, including any Saint Louis University employee, contractor or agent who, in the course of doing business on behalf of the University, is involved in the acceptance of credit cards and e-commerce payments for the University, must comply with PCI DSS.

The PCI DSS are technical and operational requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to protect cardholder data. The Council is responsible for managing the security standards, while compliance is enforced by the payment card brands. These standards include controls for handling and restricting credit card information, computer and internet security, as well as the reporting of a credit card information breach.

Contact Information:

For questions or comments regarding PCI and/or Merchant Card Handling or Processing, contact: merchantservices@slu.edu

SLU PCI Compliance Committee Members:

Chair Co-Chair  
Mindy Brown Christopher Armstrong  
Manager of Treasury Services Director, Security & Compliance  
Treasury & Investments Information Technology Services  

Carol Geolat Katelyn Zobrist  
IT Project Manager Treasury Specialist  
Information Technology Services Treasury & Investments  

Chris Pieper Stewart Wirth  
Technology Services Supervisor Director  
PMO-Information Systems Risk Management  

Vicki Casey Teri Monken
Manager Assistant Director
Development Services Parking & Card Services