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Sales Tax Exemption

Saint Louis University Tax Exemption Policy

Saint Louis University, a Missouri not for profit corporation, is an exempt organization as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The University has a Federal Employer Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) assigned to it (similar to an individual's social security number) that is required to be reported in all banking and external financial transactions as well as included in all federal and state tax reports that the University is required to file.

The University has been granted exemption from payment of Missouri sales/use taxes and has been assigned a sales tax exemption identification number by the Missouri Business Taxes Bureau. Illinois has granted a similar exemption and number for the University’s business activities in that state. Such exemptions are subject to continual review by the granting agencies.

  • Sales tax exemption may be applied only to purchases and sales made within the conduct of the University’s activities and cannot be used by individuals or agents for their personal use.
  • Organizations whose financial activities are not included in the financial reports of the university are not permitted to use the University’s sales tax exemption status or number.
  • The applicable sales tax exemption number will be supplied to vendors upon request to the University Purchasing Department.
  • To obtain sales tax exemption, all purchases should be initiated by submitting a Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department. The Accounts Payable Department will make subsequent payment directly to the vendor.
  • Although occasional emergencies arise when an individual’s direct purchase is appropriate, such purchases should be confined to an established Petty Cash Fund. Petty cash reimbursements may include sales tax charges.
  • Expenses appropriate to Business and Entertainment may also include legitimate sales tax charges.
  • Sales tax should NOT be included on a Concur Non Travel report for reimbursement.  If erroneously included, it will be deducted before approval.
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