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Patricio Duran, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of International Business


Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of South Carolina
BSc. in Business Administration and Commercial Engineer, University of Chile

Research Interests

International business, Institutions, Strategic management, Corporate governance, Family firms

Publications and Media Placements

Duran, P., Kammerlander, N., Van Essen, M., & Zellweger, T. (2016). Doing more with less: Innovation input and output in family firms. Academy of Management Journal, 59(4), 1224-1264.

Berrone, P., Duran, P., Gómez-Mejía, L., Heugens, P. P., Kostova, T., & van Essen, M. (2020). Impact of informal institutions on the prevalence, strategy, and performance of family firms: A meta-analysis. Journal of International Business Studies, 1-25.

Chen, V. Z., Duran, P., Sauerwald, S., Hitt, M. A., & Van Essen, M. (2021). Multistakeholder Agency: Stakeholder Benefit Alignment and National Institutional Contexts. Journal of Management, 01492063211054403.

Tihanyi, L., Aguilera, R. V., Heugens, P., Van Essen, M., Sauerwald, S., Duran, P., & Turturea, R. (2019). State ownership and political connections. Journal of Management, 45(6), 2293-2321.

Duran, P., & Ortiz, M. (2020). When more is better: Multifamily firms and firm performance. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 44(4), 761-783.

Honors and Awards

  • Diamond Publication Award, Chaifetz School of Business (2022)
  • Executive Master of International Business Teacher of the Year Award, Chaifetz School of Business (2020, 2021)
  • International Management Division D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Best Dissertation Award, Academy of Management (2016)
  • Organization and Management Theory Best International Paper Award, Academy of Management (2016)
  • Best Ph. D. Research Proposal Award, International Family Enterprise Research Academy (2015)

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Academy of Management
  • Academy of International Business

Community Work and Service

  • Editorial Board, Global Strategy Journal (2021 - Present)