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Why Visit Saint Louis University?

When you ask a SLU student why they chose Saint Louis University, the answer almost always involves their visits to campus. It isn't just the campus tour leaders who welcome you in, or the students you happen to meet throughout the day who encourage you to be a Billiken. It's a feeling you get that you fit here. That you are home. 

How Do You Know SLU is Right for You? 

“When I stepped on campus and I started talking to my tour guide and talking to the faculty members that I would work with, I almost immediately felt like family here, and I knew that they would support me in whatever I did.”
—  Daniela Echeverri, Houston, Texas, Class of 2019

“On all my other college tours, I would always smile to the current students and SLU was the only school where every person I smiled to smiled back. That just represents SLU very well, I think, and it just embodies the environment SLU has.”
— Tristin Sorrells, Kildeer, Illinois, Class of 2022

“I chose SLU because I had a really great tour. The tour guide was  super energetic, and he did a really good job,” 
— Gareth Greenwell, Columbia, Missouri,  Class of 2019

Schedule a SLU Visit 

Saint Louis University Campus

Saint Louis University offers visits most weekdays and many special visit events and opportunities on weekends. See the schedule. 

"I chose SLU because of how on my first tour, stepping foot on campus...I just immediately got the rush and sense of this is where I'm meant to be.”
 Sarah Litzsinger, Chesterfield, Missouri, Class of 2022

“I was on a tour for the MLK scholarship and there was a group of students...and they screamed very loud 'Welcome to SLU, do you like the Billiken?' and literally I felt at home."
 Grayson Chamberlain, Chicago, Illinois, Class of 2021

"After visiting the campus, I realized that the community was something I could see myself really enjoying and growing a part of.”
— Nick Schaper, Rice, Minnesota, Class of 2019


Take a Virtual Tour[BROKEN LINK]

SLU students talking

At SLU, each tour is led by a current student. Saint Louis University also offers visit experiences that allow you to go to class and even spend the night with a current Billiken. Explore your options. 

"I chose SLU because I was really inspired by the Jesuit ideals. Then, when I came to visit, it just tied it all together.” 
Megan Doehner, Omaha, Nebraska, Class of 2022

“I toured in the middle of the summer and although it was really warm outside and classes weren’t in session, I still felt the energy of the students and felt the vibes that you do when you feel at home.”

Tara Finnegan, Chicago, Illinois, Class of 2022

"During my tour of SLU, I remember thinking about how sad I was going to be when my four years here were over. When I caught myself thinking that, I knew that this was the right school for me.”
— Kat Martinez, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Class of 2020

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