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What do you mean, spirituality?

Across our world, on our campus and in our communities, there are many different ways of connecting with the Divine, Higher Power. For example, for Catholics, that is relationship with Jesus Christ as the Son of God, whereas for Muslims, the relationship is with God as Allah, with Mohammed as his prophet. We focus on spirituality to reach a broad group of students, to promote interfaith education, and to continue to challenge ourselves to reach across boundaries to form community.

We envision a campus where everyone, regardless of their faith, philosophy or perspective on spirituality can gather as a diverse community to wrestle with the most important questions a person can ask themselves- Who am I? What do I want for my life? How do I get to fulfillment? The Spiritual Life Community (SLC) is a new idea, and the vision will only become a reality due to the willingness and efforts of individuals who are committed to its formation.

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