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Students may select the following courses to fulfill credit for the Catholic Studies Minor. Check the current semester listings for the ones that are available. Please note that for THEO 100 and for courses in Philosophy, only certain sections will cross list each term. For any questions about course availability or cross list status, contact Fr Christopher Collins, SJ at .

               Catholic Studies Courses (updated Fall 2013)

ARTH 150 Life & Times of Michelangelo
ARTH 209 Topics in Art History: Art and Pilgrimage
ARTH 210 Art of Jerusalem and Three Faiths: Past and Present
ARTH 215 Saints in Art
ARTH 220 Art in Rome
ARTH 235 Excavating Culture of 3 Faiths
ARTH 240 Medieval Art Survey
ARTH 250 Renaissance Art Survey
ARTH 260 Baroque & Rococo Art Survey
ARTH 340 Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades
ARTH 341 Art of Cathedrals and Kings
ARTH 350 Renaissance Art & Culture
ARTH 351 High/Late Renaissance Art & Culture
ARTH 352 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH 360 Italian Baroque Art
ARTH 363 Golden Age of Spanish Art
ARTH 365 Northern Baroque Art
ARTH 401 Christian Iconography
ARTH 440 Illuminated Manuscripts
ARTH 441 Medieval Women & Art
ARTH 450 The Papacy & Art
ARTH 451 Bosch & Brueghel
ARTH 452 Renaissance Women and Art
ARTH 485 Religious Dimension in Modern Art
ARTH 491 Special Topics: Medieval
ARTH 492 Special Topics: Renaissance
ARTH 493 Special Topics: General (Jesuits and the Arts)
ARTH 494 Special Topics: Modern (Jesus in Art & Film)

BIOL 256 293 Evolution and Christian Theology

ENGL 353 The Oxford Christians: Tolkien, Lewis and Williams
ENGL370 The Bible & Literature
ENGL 383 Special Topics in Spirituality and Literature
ENGL 386 Eastern European Literature
ENGL 402 History of Rhetoric I
ENGL 419 Topics in Religion & Culture
ENGL 421 Beowulf
ENGL 424 Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
ENGL 425 Chaucer: Troilus & Shorter Works
ENGL 429 Topics in Medieval Literature
ENGL 430 Age of Elizabeth
ENGL 433 Renaissance Drama
ENGL 434 Renaissance Poetry & Prose
ENGL 435 17th Century Literature
ENGL 437 Renaissance Literature and Rhetoric
ENGL 439 Special Topics in 16th and 17th Century Literature

HCE 202 Found in Catholic HC Ethics
HCE 421 Controversies in Death & Dying
HCE 422 Controversies in Reproductive Ethics

HIST 302 The Roman Empire
HIST 303 The Byzantine Empire
HIST 304 The Middle Ages to 1100
HIST 305 The Middle Ages 1100 to 1450
HIST 306 The Crusades
HIST 307 Catholic Tradition to 1540
HIST 308 Catholic Tradition Since 1540
HIST 309 The Age of Renaissance
HIST 310 The Reformation Era
HIST 315 History of the Orthodox and Eastern Churches
HIST 322 Jesuits in Asia
HIST 332 Early Modern History Spain: 1469-1818
HIST 335 English History: Tudors 1485-1603
HIST 340 Italy: 900-1860
HIST 371 The Catholic Reformation
HIST 372 Cultural Encounters 1500-1700
HIST 376 Medieval Spain
HIST 393 Special Topics: Church/State in United States
HIST 393 Special Topics: Medieval Archaeology
HIST 393 Special Topics: The Russian Orthodox: Theology & History


GK 402 Greek Fathers
GK 470 Reading in Byzantine Greek

ITAL 340 Dante's Divine Comedy
ITAL 420 Dante's Divine Comedy
ITAL 425 Middle Ages to Renaissance
ITAL 440 History of Italian Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

LATN 401 Latin Fathers
LATN 411 Medieval Latin Readings I
LATN 412 Medieval Latin Readings II
LATN 413 Medieval Latin Readings III
LATN 428 Readings in Saint Augustine

RUSS 222 Russian Culture & Civilization
RUSS 320 Saints and Sinners in Russian Literature
RUSS 325 Russian Culture & Civilization
RUSS 332 Dostoevsky Through the Centuries
RUSS 493 Special Topics (The Russian Orthodox: Theology & History)

SPAN 223 Latin American Culture & Civilization
SPAN 418 Spanish Culture & Civilization
SPAN 442 The short story in medieval Spain: fear, education and humor
SPAN 444 Towards the sentimental novel: the mystic, the individual, and the lover in
SPAN 455 Don Quixote

PHIL 320 Philosophy of Being
PHIL 325 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 330 Philosophy of Human Person
PHIL 335 Philosophy and Good Life
PHIL 336 Medical Ethics
PHIL 343 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 345 Morality and Modern Warfare
PHIL 360 Science and Religion
PHIL 431 Topics in Ethics
PHIL 432 Person and Action: Philosophical Anthropology and Ethics of John Paul II
PHIL 450 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 455 Topics in Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 456 Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
PHIL 477 Christian Personalism
PHIL 478 Catholic Social Teaching
PHIL 483 Person and Action: The Philosophical Anthropology & Ethics of John Paul II
PHIL 484 Catholic Social Thought
PHIL 485 Topics in Philosophical Anthropology
PHIL 486 Topics in Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 626 Problems in Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 645 Medieval Philosophy

POLS 352 Communism, Capitalism and Social Justice
POLS 371 Ancient and Medieval Classics in Political Thought
POLS 380 The Structure of Poverty: Globally and Locally

PUBH 365 Public Health & Social Justice

SWRK 281 Faith-Based Exps I
SWRK 282 Faith-Based Exps II
SWRK 717 Foundations of Nonviolent Peacemaking
SWRK 786 End of Life Care and Social Work Practice on an Interprofessional Team

SOC 351 The Structure of Poverty: Globally and Locally
SOC 408 Urban Issues: Poverty and Unemployment
SOC 463 Sociology of Religion

THEO 100 Theological Foundations
THEO 110 Liturgy & Sacraments I
THEO 111 Liturgy & Sacraments II
THEO 120 Catholic Doctrine
THEO 121 Catholic Morality
THEO 130 Catholic Doctrine I
THEO 131 Catholic Doctrine II
THEO 210 Old Testament
THEO 219 Studies in Jewish Scriptures in the Christian Bible
THEO 220 New Testament
THEO 221 History of Christianity
THEO 229 Studies in Christian Scripture
THEO 232 Early Church
THEO 233 Medieval Christianity
THEO 234 The Church & World Since 1500
THEO 235 American Christianity
THEO 246 The Christian Sacraments
THEO 249 Studies in Theology and History
THEO 250 God in Human Experience
THEO 251 Jesus and Salvation
THEO 252 Christian Beliefs
THEO 253 The Church: Yesterday & Today
THEO 254 Christian Sacraments
THEO 259 Studies in Faith & Reason
THEO 260 Christian Moral Life
THEO 269 Studies in Christian Morality
THEO 275 Jerusalem: City of 3 Faiths
THEO 310 Old Testament: Prophets
THEO 311 Old Testament: Psalms
THEO 319 Studies in Jewish Scriptures in the Christian Bible
THEO 320 Life and Letters of Saint Paul the Apostle
THEO 321 Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke
THEO 322 Gospels and Epistles of John
THEO 324 New Testament Ethics
THEO 329 Studies in Christian Scripture
THEO 330 Teachers in Early Christianity
THEO 331 Teachers: Medieval Christianity
THEO 332 Mary & Her Sisters
THEO 333 The Reformations of the 16th Century
THEO 334 Christians In Middle East
THEO 336 Christianity in Africa & Asia
THEO 337 US Hispanic Theology
THEO 349 Studies in Theology & History: (Christ & Christian Iconography)
THEO 349 Studies in Theology & History (Thomas Merton: Monk, Mystic, Prophet)
THEO 349 Studies in Theology & History (Virgins, Mothers)
THEO 350 Love and the Human Condition
THEO 351 Marriage & Christian Vocation
THEO 352 Theology of Death & Suffering
THEO 355 Ignatian Humanism
THEO 356 Religion and Science
THEO 357 Theology of Gustavo Gutierrez
THEO 358 Modernity: Crisis of Belief
THEO 359 Studies in Faith and Reason
THEO 360 Christian Morality & Health Care
THEO 361 Social Justice
THEO 362 Marriage and Family Ethics
THEO 363 Sex, Gender & Christian Ethics
THEO 366 Faith and Politics
THEO 367 Poverty, Wealth & Justice
THEO 368 Green Discipleship: Theology & the Environment
THEO 369 Studies in Morality and Society: The Reel Jesus
THEO 380 Christian Prayer
THEO 381 Eucharist: Liturgy, Theology and Practice
THEO 382 Spirituality of Nonviolence
THEO 383 Christian Spiritual Tradition
THEO 389 Studies in Theology and Religion
THEO 393 Special Topics: (Theology / Social Response)
THEO 397 Interdisciplinary Course: (Spirituality & Psychology)
THEO 402 The Bible and Literature
THEO 410 Biblical Interpretation
THEO 411 Biblical Apocalyptic Literature
THEO 412 The Bible & Literature
THEO 413 Prophets
THEO 414 Psalms
THEO 419 Studies in Jewish Scriptures in the Christian Bible
THEO 420 Synoptic Gospels: Adv Topics
THEO 421 Early Christian Apocalypses
THEO 429 Studies in Christian Scripture
THEO 431 Survey: Early Church
THEO 432 Survey: Medieval Church
THEO 433 Survey: Modern Church
THEO 434 Survey: American Church
THEO 435 Medieval Mystics: Love and Knowledge
THEO 436 Catholicism Today
THEO 437 Women in the Early Church
THEO 449 Studies in Theology & History
THEO 450 Theology of God
THEO 451 Theology & Cultural Anthropology
THEO 452 Church: Mission & Culture
THEO 453 Theology of Nature
THEO 454 Christology
THEO 455 Women, Evangelization, World
THEO 456 Theology of the Human Person
THEO 459 Studies: Faith & Reason
THEO 460 Bioethical Controversies
THEO 461 Spirituality and Political Commitment
THEO 463 Ethics and Liturgy
THEO 464 American Spirituality and Landscape
THEO 465 War and Peace in the Christian Tradition
THEO 466 Theology of Nature
THEO 467 Social Ethics: Christian Faith in the Public Square
THEO 468 La sangre de los mártires
THEO 469 Studies in Morality & Society (Catholic Families Today)
THEO 470 Interreligious Dialogue
THEO 480 Christian Iconography
THEO 488 Nicaragua: Theology and Culture
THEO 489 Studies in Theology & Religion





















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