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Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students

Students are assigned both an academic advisor and a faculty mentor. Incoming freshman students who have declared their intent to major in social work or criminology and criminal justice are notified as to who their academic advisor and faculty mentor will be. Students are encouraged to meet early with their academic advisor and faculty mentor to introduce themselves, to review their schedules, and, in general, to begin to get to know each other.

Academic advisors assist students with program planning (e.g., schedules, choice of elective course), and with registration each semester. If you are a social work major they also help with planning for the 5 year BSSW/MSW degree program. Faculty mentors, who are full-time faculty members that teach in the BSSW or BACCJ Program, assist students with career planning, discuss options for graduate schools, and address other needs students may have. Students may request a change of faculty mentor at any time by contacting the BSSW or BACCJ Program Director.

Academic Advising for Graduate Students

Following acceptance to the MSW or ABA Programs, every new student meets with the Director of the MSW or ABA Program for an initial advising and registration appointment. Shortly after the beginning of the student's first semester of enrollment, he/she will be assigned a Faculty academic advisor in the School of Social Work. Advisors assist students with program planning (schedules, selection of concentration, elective courses, etc.) and with registration each semester.

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