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Protocols for Internships

College of Arts and Sciences
Protocols for Internships (Graduate and Undergraduate)

In order to ensure the quality of the student learning experience and compliance with accreditation/Dept.
of Labor requirements, students (graduate and undergraduate) must accomplish the following in order to
be registered for an Internship in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS):

  • Student will work with academic department/program to identify an internship site
  • Student/Site Sponsor/Faculty Sponsor will complete College of Arts and Sciences
    Learning Contract
  • Student will complete one of the following:
      1.  Internship Acknowledgement of Risk and Release for Elective Internships  or
      2.  Internship Risk Acknowledgement for Required Internships 
  • Student will submit completed Contract and Acknowledgement/Release to the 
    College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office
    [Verhaegen 218] at least 2
    weeks prior to start of term
     (not later than the end of drop/add period for term)
  • Once Contract and Acknowledgement/Release are verified by CAS Dean's Office,
    student will be enrolled by Registrar in Internship course  

Effective Fall 2017   

Updated 3/8/17 




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