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As the University transitions from Blackboard to Canvas, the Reinert Center is taking a lead role in coordinating training and development, as well as in supporting faculty who need assistance with migrating courses. We are working in partnership with ITS to ensure faculty have the support they need. This page can serve as your “hub” for information about participating in live training sessions, accessing on-demand training and support materials, and requesting support for migrating courses from Blackboard to Canvas.

Learning Canvas: Training Resources 


Live Scheduled Training Sessions

Virtual Training Sessions

These sessions are 90 minutes long and will be conducted via Zoom. The sessions will be conducted by trainers from Canvas and facilitated by Reinert Center Staff.  Participants will have some time to ask questions during the session. Registration is required. Click here to review session descriptions

We recommend that all instructors considering migration first take the Getting Started and Course Delivery sessions.  Instructors considering creating their course from scratch should take Course Set UpNote: Although we originally expected to package trainings in week-long Canvas Design Institutes, we have opted instead to allow all sessions to be open to any instructor who wishes to participate in order to offer maximum flexibility for summer schedules.

Click the links below to register for one or more Virtual Sessions.

Click here to register for May sessions

Click here to register for June sessions

Click here to register for July sessions

Click here to register for August sessions

Click here to register for September sessions

Virtual Q & A sessions with Canvas Trainers

These sessions are 60 minutes long and provide an opportunity for faculty to ask questions directly to Canvas trainers. Some sessions have a specific topic and some allow for any question related to Canvas. Reinert Center staff will facilitate and answer SLU-specific questions. Registration is required. Q & A sessions assume a preliminary understanding of Canvas and at least some experience working on courses in Canvas. Prerequisite: To attend a Q & A session, attendees must first attend (or view a recording of) the Getting Started session. For topic-specific Q & A sessions, attendees also must have participated in (or viewed the recording of) the training sessions for that topic (e.g., complete the training session on Assignments before attending a Q & A on Assignments).  

Click on one of the links below to register for one or more Q & A sessions:

Click here for the May sessions 

Click here for the June sessions  

Click here for the July sessions

Click here for the August sessions  

Click here for the September sessions


On Demand: Learn on Your Own Schedule

Growing With Canvas

Growing with Canvas is a self paced course within Canvas designed to help you learn the basics you need to create your Canvas course.  It contains videos, practice activities, and links to resource guides to help you learn more about the tools available in Canvas. Every SLU instructor automatically has access to Growing with Canvas when you sign into Canvas. If you do not see the course in your Canvas dashboard please email

Click here to view the Growing with Canvas webpage

Recordings of Training Sessions

Recordings of the six seminars offered by Canvas trainers will be available inside Growing with Canvas. Note: New recordings will not be available until after the corresponding live session has aired. 

No later than May 14

  1. Getting Started
  2. Course Delivery
  3. Building From Scratch

No Later than June 4

  1. Communication Tools
  2. Assignments
  3. Feedback and Grading
Technical Resource Guides from SLU’s ITS

ITS is developing a series of resources guides that you can access from Ask SLU. Topics range from self-migration (i.e., exporting a course from Blackboard and importing it into Canvas) to a feature-by-feature comparison of Blackboard to Canvas. 

Click here to check out the resource guides

Canvas Training Portal

Located under the Help Menu inside of Canvas, you’ll find the Canvas Training Portal. By clicking on Tags in the upper right hand side of the page, and then selecting Higher Education, you’ll find several short courses and tutorials such as First Day Ready, Using the Canvas Speed Grader, and Accessibility Issues. You do have to log into Canvas to get to this portal and then follow the prompts to get access to the area.

Canvas Community and Guides

Canvas maintains a very useful community site that features a complete section of instructor guides and a very active searchable discussion board where you can ask questions of other instructors and engage in crowd-sourced problem-solving.

Click here to go to the Canvas Community Site


Migrating Courses from Blackboard to Canvas

There will be no automatic migration of Blackboard courses to Canvas. While both are learning management systems, they do have differences in functionality, and some instructors will want to build their courses in Canvas from scratch, rather than migrating a Blackboard course. For those who do want to migrate, instructors will have the agency to do so in the way that works best for them. Note: Only Fall 2021 course shells are available in Canvas at this time. You will be able to migrate one Blackboard version of each course you will be teaching in the fall. Spring courses will be available in Canvas later this year.

If you have not worked in Canvas before, we highly recommend that you do some training first. If you look under Live Scheduled Events or the On Demand section on this page, you’ll find many options. Minimally, we recommend the sessions on Getting Started and Course Delivery for those who will migrate courses from Blackboard. These sessions will help you better understand why Blackboard material shows up where it does when Blackboard courses are imported into Canvas. Particularly for those new to Canvas, these kinds of foundational training sessions will be helpful during migration.

Instructors who wish to migrate Blackboard courses to Canvas have two options: self-migration and supported migration.

General Migration Tips

Here are some steps you might want to take in Blackboard before you migrate.  

ITS has directions for exporting from Blackboard and importing into Canvas at 

We have a SLU-specific basic template for Canvas courses in the Canvas Commons.
Preview the template here

If you want to use the template, click on the Commons link on the left-hand side navigation bar inside of Canvas. Then search for Saint Louis University and select Saint Louis University Basic Template. There will be buttons to import into a course or download on the right hand side of the screen. Select import and follow the on-screen instructions to place it in your course. 

Once you have imported, you’ll find directions for customizing the template inside the modules.


Instructors may self-migrate a course from Blackboard to Canvas, or start building a Canvas course from scratch, at any time after Canvas opens to faculty. The Technical Resources Guide on this page provides some helpful resources for self-migration.

Supported Migration

Supported migration will begin on May 24th and continue through the summer. Note: Because this work takes a significant amount of time, after August 15, we may not be able to offer the same level of support we can offer during the summer.  

If you know you will want to work with a Course Migration Assistant, you may get in the queue by completing this request form. Please note: you will not hear from us until after May 24. 

Click here to complete request form