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The purpose of the Certificate in University Teaching Skills Program is to promote the development of faculty and graduate students in their journey toward transformative teaching. The certificates' requirements provide participants with pedagogical information to enhance their teaching practice, to draft and develop a philosophy of teaching, and to document teaching competencies.

Certificate Options

The Certificate in University Teaching Skills can be earned by completing a minimum of 15 Effective Teaching Credits, as well as completing other requirements that culminate in a professional teaching portfolio. Because this certificate is extensive, and is the result of an ongoing process of reflection, participants are required to allow a minimum of two semesters to complete it.

The Foundations Certificate can be earned bycompleting a minimum of 10 Effective Teaching Credits, the Reflection on Teaching Development, and at least two semesters must be completed to earn this Certificate.

Current Program Events

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Both certificates are offered at no cost to participants.

Eligible Participants

The certificate program is available to full- and part-time Saint Louis University faculty, graduate students, and teaching staff. Participants remain eligible to complete the program as long as they are employed at SLU or enrolled as a student.

Time for Completion

Because both Certificates are the result of an ongoing process of reflection, participants take a minimum of two semesters to complete either certificate (many participants take up to two years). Certificates are awarded twice a year, at the fall and spring semester Certificate Ceremonies.

How to Enroll

Complete and submit the Statement of Intent 

Participants may enroll and begin attending and completing certificate requirements at any time.