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Open Studio Sessions

Occasionally, the Reinert Center will host an Open Studio session following an extended workshop with external facilitators (such as the half-day May Event or the all-day Winter Institute) or some other teaching workshop hosted by the Center. 

These unstructured, hands-on working sessions are intended to provide space and support for faculty or other instructors and graduate students who wish to apply lessons learned in the workshop to their own classroom practices and materials. The following Frequently Asked Questions provide additional details about Open Studio sessions.

1. What happens in an Open Studio session?
2. Why was I invited to one?
3. Do I have to stay for the whole time?
4. What should I bring?
5. What if I can't attend but want to?
6. May I attend the Open Studio even if I did not attend the related workshop?

Open Studio FAQs

1.  What happens in an Open Studio session?
Each session looks different. Because the purpose of an Open Studio session is to provide dedicated work space and pedagogical support for instructors to apply the lessons from an earlier workshop to their own course materials and practices, these sessions are unstructured and highly individualized. 
Reinert Center staff are on hand to answer questions, provide feedback, and/or suggest alternative approaches.  Instructors drop in at different times throughout the scheduled session.  Most work quietly on their own course materials, asking Reinert Center staff for feedback or guidance along the way.  If several instructors drop in at the same time, we may begin with a brief group discussion of the earlier workshop concepts and strategies, and/or they may work with other colleagues in the room to brainstorm new approaches and learn from others' experiences.

2. Why was I invited to one?
Faculty, other instructors, and graduate students who attended a recent extended workshop with an external presenter or one of our longer institutes are invited to the associated Open Studio.  For example, if you attended our half-day workshop on critical reflection with Dr. Patti Clayton, you received an email invitation to participate in the related Open Studio session a few weeks later.

3. Do I have to stay for the whole thing?
No.  Participants come and go as they wish during the scheduled Open Studio session.

4. What should I bring?
Please bring your course materials, your questions, and a laptop or other devices you may need to work on your own course materials.

5. What if I can't attend but want to?
You are always welcome to contact the Reinert Center to schedule a consultation to discuss the workshop you attended and the ways in which you may adapt or apply lessons from that workshop for your own teaching context.

6. May I attend the Open Studio even if I did not attend the related workshop?
Open Studio sessions are limited to attendees who participated in the earlier workshop for which the session has been scheduled.  However, if you're interested in the topic of the Open Studio, you may schedule a consultation with Reinert Center staff any time to discuss ways you might adjust your own teaching in light of that topic.

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