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Acting on Concerns about Students

Depending on the kind of concern you have about students, there are a variety of options for how you support students. Below you will find resources to help you engage with the student and information about different ways to enlist the support of others.

Concerns about a Student’s Academic Success or Progress in a Course/Program?

Submit an Early Warning alert. If you see that a student is not making progress in a course and/or is on track to be unsuccessful in a course, submit what an “Early Warning” alert. This is a tool that allows you to email the student’s academic advisor(s). Such notifications do not need to be “early” in the semester, nor are they, technically speaking, “warnings.” The tool simply offers a way for you to register concern about a student’s academic progress within a particular course.

How? Log into Banner and use the Summary View to see your course roster. On the row for each student, you will see a link to Early Warning. If you click the link, the Early Warning Form will pop up. You’ll be prompted to select from a list the type(s) of concerns you want to raise (e.g., excessive absences, late or incomplete assignments) and a box that allows you to explain what you are experiencing with the student.

There are good reasons to submit an Early Warning alert. Advisors can engage the student to identify strategies that can help the student be successful and get back on track. Additionally, other instructors also may have expressed concerns about the same student, so your feedback helps to connect the dots and create a fuller picture of what’s happening with the student.

Other Types of Concerns?

If you have a non-academic concern about a student, there are different ways to get support, for yourself and/or the student. Here is information about some key campus resources:

One good way to initiate support is to complete a student concern form. This form will allow the student to get support from a variety of resources on campus. Here, you can share information about behavioral and emotional concerns, care and concern for a student’s physical health, Title IX concerns, bias related incidents, and many other kinds of concerns. Please note: while the form currently is titled “Incident Reporting Form,” it is not just for “incidents.” You may choose the “informational” option as a way to register whatever concerns you have about a student.

Submitting a student concern or incident report form will help the Dean of Students office and others to have a more complete picture of what’s happening with a student, since often other concerns have also arisen about the same student. Try not to think of it as “reporting on” a student. Instead, think of it as “connecting the dots” and empowering a network of support to mobilize to assist the student and you.