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We all have areas where we can grow and develop in order to support the Cura standards. Sometimes, this is as simple as reminding ourselves what we already know. Other times it means finding opportunities to re-think how we can apply what we already know in new situations or even learning new approaches to working with our colleagues.

Check out the resources below for opportunities for faculty and staff to learn more about the Cura program as well as workshops, classes, videos and other resources to help us all foster a culture of understanding, respect and appreciation. 

View the Cura Events Calendar to discover opportunities for SLU faculty and staff to come together to build a culture of understanding, respect, and appreciation, as well as learn more about creating positive working relationships. If your department has an upcoming event related to Cura, submit the information to add the event to the Cura Events Calendar through this form.

Online Courses, Videos and Other Resources 
If you are interested in learning more about how you can foster healthier relationships at work or in your personal life, check out what is new in SkillSoft - the University's online learning platform. SkillSoft, has thousands of courses, videos, books, interactive scenarios and other learning resources available 24x7. Each month SkillSoft will highlight new resources on a variety of topics related to the Cura program. Click here to see what is new in SkillSoft this month.

Cura In-Services
If your group (department, committee, program, division etc.) is interested in learning more about the Cura program, please reach out to to request a Cura in-service. These sessions can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and can be tailored based on the time your group has available and what your group would like to learn about the program.

Becoming a Champion for a Positive Work Culture Workshops
A workplace culture of trust, respect and appreciation is essential for employee engagement, well-being and productivity. This two-part workshop (2 hours total) provides your team an opportunity to examine our University's overall workplace culture, reflect on ways that we contribute to - or distract from - a positive workplace culture, and identify the factors that affect our team's workplace culture. Participants will create a customized action plan for how they can improve the workplace culture within their team.

Contact to learn more and request the workshop for your group.

Cura Values Meeting Activities
One way to integrate Cura into your daily work is to start a meeting with a simple statement of the Cura standards and values. The Cura Values Meeting Activities includes a brief script for how to start your meeting with a reminder of how to create a positive workplace culture, as well as several short reflections and activities to form stronger relationships with your colleagues.  

Examples and Practical Tips

Policies and Related Information
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy
Faculty Manual
Faculty Senate
Harassment Policy
Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity
Sexual Misconduct Policy
Social Media Guidelines
Staff Advisory Committee
Staff Grievance Policy
Staff Performance Management Policy
University Compliance
SLUCare Medical Faculty, Staff, and Trainee Professional Conduct Policy

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