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Saint Louis University encourages all employees to speak up if they feel that they are being treated disrespectfully. The Cura Educational Resources page has tips and ideas for how to manage difficult conversations.

When you are involved with a disrespectful situation, you are encouraged to reach out to Cura for assistance. The Cura Response Team can help coach you through a situation, provide resources, or take more action if desired. Individuals who request assistance have the option to remain anonymous and all information in any case is confidential. The process of how the Cura Response Team works with Requests for Assistance can be found here

To request assistance, contact the Cura Response Team:

Phone: 314-977-CURA (2872)
Request for Assistance Form
Contact your HR Consultant Directly

For Madrid Campus:
Phone: Call the employee hotline at 900-99-0011. Then, enter 877-525-5669 when asked for the hotline number. 
Contact the Director of Human Resources at 

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