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Books Adapted from SLU American Studies Dissertations


Elizabeth Schroeder Schlabach (Ph.D. 2008), Along the Streets of Bronzeville: Black Chicago's Literary Landscape (Urbana-Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2013).

Burton St. John III (Ph.D. 2005)
Press Professionalization and Propaganda: The Rise of Journalistic Double-mindedness, 1917–1941 (Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, 2010).

Bryan M. Jack (Ph.D. 2004)The St. Louis African American Community and the Exodusters (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2007).

Jane Ferry (Ph.D. 2001), Food in Film: A Culinary Performance of Communication (New York:
Routledge, 2003).


Matthew Warshauer (Ph.D. 1997), Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law: Nationalism, Civil Liberties, and Partisanship (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2006).

Kamau Kemayó (Ph.D. 1999)Emerging Afrikan Survivals: An Afrocentric Critical Theory (New York: Routledge, 2003). 

Michael J. Steiner (Ph.D. 1994)A Study of the Intellectual and Material Culture of Death in Nineteenth-Century America (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2003).

Jeannette Batz Cooperman (Ph.D. 1996)The Broom Closet: Secret Meanings of Domesticity in Postfeminist Novels by Louise Erdrich, Mary Gordon, Toni Morrison, Marge Piercy, Jane Smiley, and Amy Tan (New York: Peter Lang, 1999).

Kenneth C. Kaufman (Ph.D. 1996)Dred Scott's Advocate: A Biography of Roswell M. Field (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1996). Winner of the 1997 Missouri History Book Award.

Mary E. Young (Ph.D. 1990)Mules and Dragons: Popular Culture Images in the Selected Writings of African-American and Chinese-American Women Writers (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993).

W. Arthur Mehrhoff (Ph.D. 1986)
, The Gateway Arch: Fact and Symbol (Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green State University Press, 1992).


Milton S. Katz (Ph.D. 1973), Ban The Bomb: A History of SANE, the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1957–1985 (New York: Greenwood Press, 1986).

Luther E. Smith, Jr. (Ph.D. 1979)
, Howard Thurman: The Mystic as Prophet (Washington, DC: University Press of America, 1981; repr. 2007).



Roger Whitlow (Ph.D. 1975), The Darker Vision: A Socio-critical History of 19th Century Fiction Written by Black Americans (New York: Gordon Press, 1977).

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