Saint Louis University

Faculty and Staff


Asmira Alagic, PhD

Christopher Arnatt, PhD

Dana A. Baum, PhD

Christy Bagwill, MS (R)

Paul J. Bracher, PhD

Steven Buckner, PhD


Organic Chemistry

Biochemistry, Graduate Program Director

Organic Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Organic Chemistry, Prebiotic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Dean of Parks College, Analytical Chemistry

James L. Edwards, PhD

John Grutsch, PhD

Analytical Chemistry, Biological Systems

Paul A. Jelliss, PhD


Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Synthesis, Transition Metal Carborane Complexes, Catalysis of Carborane Complexes

Charles C. Kirkpatrick, PhD

Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular Orbital Calculations, Water Treatment and Analysis, Ion-Neutral Gas Interactions

Istvan Z. Kiss, PhD

Physical Chemistry, Nonlinear Dynamics, Electrochemistry

Bruce Kowert, PhD

Physical Chemistry, Diffusion of Molecules in Liquids

Michael Lewis, PhD

Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Noncovalent Interactions of Aromatic Compounds

R. Scott Martin, PhD

Department Chair, Bioanalytical Chemistry

Ryan D. McCulla, PhD

Jennifer Monahan, PhD

Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Computational Chemistry

Assistant Professor, Upper Level Lab Coordinator

Alexa B. Serfis, PhD

Daria Sokic-Lazic, MS (R)

Associate Department Chair, Surface Chemistry, Interactions of Proteins with Lipids at Air/Water Interfaces

General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Brent M. Znosko, PhD

Biochemistry, Thermodynamics and NMR of Nucleic Acids


Elseddik Abdelkader

Ashley Anderson

Assistant Organic Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Electronics Technician

Mike Briscoe

Machinist / Glass Shop

Shelby Jarrett

Angela Jouglard

Assistant General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Grants Development Specialist

Shontae Williams

Administrative Secretary

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