Continuation Standards

This policy is effective starting Fall 2016 semester for all incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Continuation Standards for the Department of Chemistry

The following standards apply to all new freshmen and transfer students.

• Students must earn C- or better in General Chemistry I (CHEM 1110/1130) and a C- or better in General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120, 1140), or the equivalent in transfer.
• AP score of 5 meets the General Chemistry requirement.
• Students must earn a C- or better in Analytical Chemistry 1 (CHEM 2200).

Students who do not earn a C- in any of the identified courses must re-take the course at SLU in the following semester. If a C- is not earned on the second attempt the student will be dismissed from the major. A student who withdraws from one of these courses on the first attempt thus has one more attempt to earn a C-.

• Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their major (CHEM) and required related courses (BIOL, PHYS, MATH, etc.) If a student falls below a 2.0 major GPA the student must meet with the Undergraduate Program Director to review their academic performance. If the student cannot raise the major GPA to 2.0 in two semesters, the student will be dismissed from the major.

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