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Procedures for Taking Summer Classes Away from SLU

The procedures below describe the steps involved in taking a chemistry course at another institution over the summer to count for a SLU pre-requisite. A student may register for a chemistry course for the fall term during the pre-registration period in the preceding spring, with the intent of completing the chemistry course over the summer as a pre-requisite for the fall course. For example, a student may register for CHEM 342 for the fall, with the intent of completing CHEM 164 over the summer. The student must gain permission to take the course, and then get the course transferred in before the fall semester starts.


1) Students must discuss their desire to take a summer class with their academic advisor in the spring before enrolling in the anticipated summer course.

2) Pre-approval for the course to transfer to SLU is required. Once the student identifies the course they want to take elsewhere, the student fills out paperwork with the academic advisor. The purpose is to ensure the course is equivalent to the SLU course and the student will receive credit.

3) The student takes the course over the summer at the other institution. As soon as the course grade has been entered, the student must transfer the course to Saint Louis University. This is done by going to the Registrar's Office in the second institution and requesting a transcript be sent to the Office of the Registrar at SLU.

A pre-requisite check is performed two weeks before classes start in the fall. If the student has not transferred their summer course to SLU that will be used as the pre-requisite for the fall course, THE STUDENT WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE FALL COURSE.

Using the example above: if a student intends to take CHEM 164 over summer and use as the pre-requisite course to take CHEM 342 in the fall, the CHEM 164 equivalent must show up on the student's transcript two weeks before classes start. If the course is not there, the student will be dropped from CHEM 342, and the lab, if registered.

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