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Communication Studies

Attention: This Communication Studies concentration was created for students in the 2015/2016 catalog year or later. If you declared a Communication Studies concentration as part of an earlier catalog (2014/2015 or before), please see this page for your program requirements.

Given the fast-paced, technology-driven and global nature of today's workplaces, many students seek an education that will serve them in careers that have yet fully to emerge.

Knowledge of communication skills and expertise in oral and written communication over a broad range of contexts and audiences is a key job skill employers seek, regardless of changes in specific industries and career fields. Students choosing this concentration can work with their communication mentor to tailor their program of study to meet their specific career and personal goals.

In addition to securing the skills employers are most interested in, students with a Communication degree prepare themselves for graduate studies in a wide array of academic fields, such as law, human resources, communication, business, management, education and other liberal arts and social sciences.

Concentration Requirements

In addition to the Communication core requirements (13 hours), students in this concentration take: 

Writing (3 hours)

2120 Message Design   

Foundations (9 hours)

Choose two from:

3000 Interpersonal Communication

3070 Communication & Public Life

3200 Organizational Communication

3300 Intercultural Communication

AND one additional course from those above or below:

3050 Argumentation & Debate

4070 Social Justice Communication

3060 Political Communication

4200 Leadership & Teams

3080 Sport Communication

4220 Conflict, Mediation and Negotiation

3090 Health Communication

4240 Training and Development

3840 Analysis of Popular Culture

4300 Gender & Communication

4000 Family Communication

4320 Communication Across Racial Divisions

4050 Theories of Persuasion

4430 Culture, Technology and Communication

Production Practices & Applications (3 hours)

Any Communication course designated as a Production/Technology course may be taken to fulfill this requirement.

Research (3 hours)

4960 Capstone in Communication


An additional six hours may be taken from any of the classes in the Communication curriculum.
Download the full Communication program curriculum.

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For more information on the Communication Studies concentration, contact Dr. Richard.

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