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About Earth and Atmosperic Sciences at Saint Louis University

The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences holds the tradition of combining strong classroom and field-based instruction with internationally-recognized research across a broad spectrum of the physical sciences, including seismology and solid earth geophysics, tectonics, synoptic meteorology, environmental systems, and the study of modern and ancient climate change. Although growing, we are a diverse and progressive department with a collegial atmosphere promoting extensive interaction between students and faculty. Earth & Atmospheric Science students also have the opportunity to work directly with faculty on their research and pursue internships, through our far-reaching network of contacts in both the public and private sector across the nation.

The existing department is the product of a rich heritage borne out of the first geophysics department in the western hemisphere. As such, we offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, ranging from more traditional, internationally-recognized doctoral programs to innovative new undergraduate programs that provide unique, campus-wide learning experiences. Our research centers include the SLU Earthquake Center, the Cooperative Institute for Precipitation Systems (CIPS), and the Center for Environmental Sciences. The fusion of academic programs with world-class research provides our students with the unparalleled opportunity to explore their interests and explore a wide variety of careers post-graduation.

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