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Welcome to the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Saint Louis University. The modern vanguard of Saint Louis University's Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geology, and Meteorology undergraduate programs, we also offer Geophysics/Geology and Meteorology graduate programs. Thank you for stopping by to discover more about who we are.

The department comprises 16 full-time faculty members and 2 part-time adjuncts; each hold doctorate degrees in their respective fields of expertise. Our teaching faculty boasts a plethora of working research scientists devoted to the advancement of all scientific understanding we hold evident about the Earth and its physical events. Over 100 students major in our undergraduate programs, of which 50 study meteorology, 50 are in environmental science and environmental studies, and 10 in geology. Our resident graduate students cover both meteorology and geosciences, the majority of whom are in the geophysics/seismology program. For more information, see the below links.

Most students apply during the winter prior to a fall semester matriculation. In most cases, an official high school or college transcript must be forwarded to our Admissions Office, letters of recommendations, and applicable test scores such as ACT, SAT, or GRE. For more information about admissions, see the below links.

Obtaining a higher education is costly; it is not uncommon for students to seek financial aid to attend Saint Louis University. Our Student Financial Services office is able to provide significant financial aid for qualifying applicants outlined here Faculty are also able to fully or partly support students who participate in research. You can obtain more information about financial aid by clicking on the links below.

For all other inquiries about the department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, please contact our department secretary at 314-977-3131.

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