SLU Department of History

Recent Faculty Publications

Curious about a person, a period or a topic? Chances are our faculty may have written a book about it. Check back periodically as we update our bookshelf with more SLU History authors.  

Prof. Katrina Thompson's Ring ShoutProf. Tom Madden's VeniceProf. Lorri Glover's Founders
Prof. Boin's Coming Out Christian in the Roman WorldProf. Flannery Burke's TaosProf. George Ndege's MozambiqueProf. Jennifer Popiel's Rousseau's DaughtersProf. Silvana Siddali's Frontier DemocracyProf. Luke Yarbrough
Prof. Dan Schlafly's Jesuits in RussiaProf. Stefan BradleyProf. Phil Gavitt's Gender, Honor and Charity
Prof. Lorri Glover's JamestownProf. Tom Madden's CrusadesProf. Nate Millett's Maroons of Prospect Bluff
Prof. Hal Parker's Global InteractionsProf. Michal Rozbicki's Culture and LibertyProf. Mark Ruff's The Wayward Flock
Prof. Warren Treadgold's History of ByzantiumProf. Damian Smith's Lands of the Crown of AragonProf. Tom Finan's Medieval Lough CéProf. Warren Treadgold's History of the Byzantine StateProf. Phil Gavitt's Gender, Charity and ChildrenProf. Douglas Boin's Ostia

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