SLU Department of History

Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Douglas Boin in the classroom

History Majors complete 36 credit hours of History courses. All students take our introductory "Origins" classes, Parts 1 and Part 2 (HIST 1110-1120), as well as The Historian's Craft (HIST 2800).

Majors also complete 27 credit hours of upper-division History courses. These must include:

+ Three credit hours of European history
+ Three credit hours of pre-1865 U.S. history
+ Three credit hours of post-1865 U.S. history
+ Three credit hours of non-Western history
+ Twelve credit hours of upper-level electives
+ Three credit hours of a senior seminar (HIST 4000)

History Minors complete twelve credit hours of upper-division courses, in addition to our introductory "Origins" classes, Parts 1 and Part 2, and The Historian's Craft. These must include at least one course in three of the four following areas:

+ U.S. history
+ Pre-1600 European history
+ Modern European history
+ Asian, African, Middle Eastern, or Latin American history

At least one course must be a senior seminar (HIST 4000).

Both History Majors and History Minors may also work at an approved internship program in place of one upper-division course.

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