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MA in French at Saint Louis University: Bienvenue!

Paris, FranceThe Master of Arts in French, offered by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, has been designed for those interested in pursuing advanced studies in a combination of areas dealing with French language, cultures and literatures.

A diverse curriculum includes offerings in Francophone studies, film, women writers, stylistics and teaching methodologies, as well as courses in French literature from the Renaissance to the present. Such a curriculum makes it possible to acquire a solid, up-to-date background in French Studies, while broadening perspectives in specific areas of interest. Get additional information on specific course offerings.

The program is suited to those planning or engaged in professional careers such as teaching or international affairs. At the same time, the degree program has a proven record in preparing those who elect to continue their studies beyond the MA level in French.

Qualified students may choose to add a minor in Spanish to their MA in French. This combination can be an attractive option for those preparing to teach or work in an environment where competency in two Romance languages would be an asset.

Study Abroad

Study abroad in France

In order to achieve optimal levels of linguistic and cultural proficiency in French, students may wish to participate in an approved program abroad. MA students have profited from course work and cultural immersion in France, in Québec City (Université Laval), or at other universities. Upon approval of the graduate advisor in French and the Graduate School, up to 6 hours of graduate-level credit can be applied to the MA in French. Interested students should speak to their advisor prior to making plans. Graduate seminars are also offered in the summer at Saint Louis University. More information on study abroad programs can be found here.

For information about the Dual M.A. Degree program in collaboration with the Université de Poitiers, click here

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