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The Major in French aims to develop students' competency in the language, while increasing their knowledge of the French-speaking world. As our living environment becomes increasingly "transnational," a major in French offers an attractive asset for careers in many fields. Our Majors are currently working or pursuing graduate study in a broad number of areas including medicine, public health, international studies, history, law, international business, education, linguistics, as well as in French and in francophone studies.

Major in French

The Major consists of 30 hours of 3000- and 4000-level courses in French. Requirements include 12 hours of courses focusing on written and oral expression (FREN 3010, FREN 3020, FREN 3030, and FREN 3040), and 18 hours of upper-division courses. Up to 9 hours of the upper-division courses can be in related fields (such as French History, Art History, Philosophy), with the approval of the Department.

Senior Inquiry in French

As of Fall 2014, students declaring a Major in French need to register for Senior Inquiry (FREN 4960) for the semester they are to graduate. All French Majors, regardless of when they have declared the Major, are highly encouraged to participate in the Senior Inquiry experience as the capstone of their studies in French at Saint Louis University. Students may choose between completing an additional upper-level course in French beyond the 30 hours required for the Major, or conducting a final research project under the supervision of a French faculty member. Two semesters prior to their graduation date, French Majors submit a Senior Inquiry Declaration to their French Mentor (see below). The declaration form can be accessed here.

Minor in French

The Minor in French consists of 18 hours of 3000- and 4000-level courses in French. All courses must be taught in French. Please see the College of Arts and Sciences Catalog for more information.

Faculty Mentors in French

Photo courtesy of Toni Schatte. Toni and her fellow students currently studying with the SLU program in Lyon profit from an excursion to the Lac d'Annecy (Haute Savoie).

French Majors and Minors work with a French Faculty Mentor in planning their program of study in French, including coursework, study in France or other French-speaking areas, and possible career paths. Students should meet with their Mentor in French prior to registering for courses each semester in order to ensure that they are on track for the Major or Minor in French.

Study in a French-Speaking Country

Students are encouraged to enhance their major or minor through an immersion experience in a French-speaking country. SLU students can choose from a variety of study options in French including summer, semester, and two-semester programs.

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