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Why Study French?

French in Today's World:

  • Over 274 million people across the continents speak French.
  • French is the world's second most frequently studied language.
  • French is the second most widely used "working" language in the EU.
  • Thousands of corporations have invested in France. In the U.S., French companies employ over 650,000 workers.
  • French is a key language to connecting with other peoples, other cultures, other ways of seeing and thinking.

French is Part of the Global Heritage:

  • French is a stepping-stone to other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In English alone, thousands of words are derived from French.
  • French is a global language linking the arts: from painting, sculpture, and architecture to music, opera, theatre, cuisine, and fashion.
  • French is the language of world-renowned masterpieces of literature: Hugo's Les Misérables, L'Étranger by Camus, La Fontaine's Fables, Voltaire's Candide, Molière's Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, George Sand's Indiana, and many others.
  • The foundations of modern science and politics were largely shaped by French thinkers.
  • Missouri and the Mississippi Valley were settled by the French as early as the 17th Century. St. Louis was founded by a French businessman, Pierre Laclède.

Need more reasons to study French? 

See what our students have to say in "French Connections" !


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