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Are You...

  • Intent on becoming conversant in German in order to enhance your global career opportunities in international and domestic business, marketing, law, translation, government service, news services, the publishing industry or International Studies?
  • Interested in gaining cultural proficiency in German, thus expanding your horizons and acquiring new perspectives with which to view your own culture?
  • Fascinated by the humanistic and multidisciplinary nature of studying a foreign language and its culture?
  • Curious about language, rhetoric, and communication?
  • Keen on studying or interning in the German-speaking world?
  • Thinking about becoming a German teacher?
  • Looking to acquire German as a tool for graduate study in history, political science, library science and/or other areas?

Lyonel Feininger, Torturm III (1925)

The German Studies program at Saint Louis University offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts in German Studies / an additional major in German in conjunction with another declared major
  • Minor in German

All degree options involve learning German in a highly communicative atmosphere and entail a multidisciplinary approach to the history, politics, society, and culture of the German-speaking world. Students completing a degree in German will find many fields open to them. Students have also gone to graduate school and have received financial awards from such institutions as Ohio State University, the University of Illinois, Newcastle University and Washington University.

Student Testimonial

"I began taking German classes in high school, and I knew I wanted to continue studying German at SLU. Initially, I didn't plan on majoring in German, but the decision to declare a German major ended up being one of the best choices I've made.

Being a part of the German department at SLU was an incredible experience. The professors are wonderful, and they are passionate about their research interests and the courses they teach. Furthermore, the department is very encouraging. I never planned on studying abroad, but the department's encouragement helped me realize it was an experience I wanted to have. Spending a semester abroad in Heidelberg was one of the best parts of my college experience, and I am grateful for the department's support; studying abroad was more accessible than I ever would have thought. The German major also complements other areas of study very well. For example, it enhanced my experiences in my American Studies courses by widening my perspective and helping me draw parallels between American and German culture.

My time as a German major at SLU gave me the opportunity to work with caring professors, form great friendships, and expand my German language skills. I'm so glad I decided to declare a German major, and I would recommend the German department to all students-regardless of your German language ability when you begin, the German department will help you have a great experience!"

Lauren Remspecher, December 2016 Graduate

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