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Special Features

There are many special features of the German Studies program...

2006 Sprachwochenende

  • Summer, semester and year-long study and internship opportunities abroad that count toward degree options, especially through our Affiliation Agreement with the University of Heidelberg and Heidelberg University, and the University of Stuttgart
  • German Immersion Weekend integrated into GR 2010 and upper-division German Language courses
  • Small upper-division classes (4 to 8 students) on such topics as German history, literature, and culture from their very beginnings to the present, Berlin, German film, medieval literature, women and gender studies, Weimer Republic and modern German Art.
  • Easy access to the three full-time faculty members in German for advising with regard to opportunities abroad, stipends and scholarships
  • The Language Resource Center with Internet access, international satellite reception, and a diverse film collection
  • International Film Series each semester
  • German-related events on campus


Testimonial & Photos by Eric Cooney, B.A. German Studies 2013

I went into my first advising appointment as a freshman at SLU as a Biology major and I left it a German major. Why did I change? What would I do with this degree? How will I convince my parents this is a good idea? Looking back as an alumnus, my decision to change majors was one of the best decisions I made in my four years at SLU. I am currently a medical student at SLU, and I can confidently say that my German major was a large positive on my application. Even though I do not plan to ever use my German professionally, the skills taught and opportunities offered by the German program will make me a better doctor. In learning a second language, I understand the difficulties some of my patients will have expressing themselves. In learning about and immersing myself in another culture through my semester in Heidelberg, I have gained an understanding of differences that cannot be easily described and can certainly not be taught in a classroom. The German department is wonderful, and the professors actually know their students and care deeply for them. I would recommend anyone to be a part of the German department, whether for foreign language core, a minor, or as a major. Studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany is an incredible experience, providing an opportunity for immersion that many other programs are unable to do, and the cultural opportunities back here in St. Louis keep the spirit of Germany alive and well. From eating at the Gasthaus, to viewing German Expressionist artwork at the St. Louis Museum of Art, taking a course in German provides more than vocabulary practice and adjective declination.

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