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Student Testimonial from Claire Moll, class of 2014

Hola a tod@s! My name is Claire Moll, a 2014 SLU graduate. During my time at SLU I majored in Latin American Studies, International Studies, and Spanish. With in those major themes, I focused on political science, religion, and women's rights. That may seem like a broad range of unrelated topics. However through my final thesis project for my Latin American Studies degree, I was able to bring them all together. After studying abroad in both Ecuador and El Salvador, I became interested in the political, social, and religious role of the Latin American woman. I was able to return to El Salvador to conduct my own research project interviewing women from a Base Christian Community. This personalized project not only provided me with the academic rigor that I had been searching for at SLU but also gave me the confidence to pursue my passion for international grassroots development work.

Currently, I am back in El Salvador working with a non-governmental organization. SHARE El Salvador is a non-profit that advocates for and accompanies Salvadoran community development groups. Yes, I am working in my dream job right now! I am the Communications Coordinator for SHARE. What that means is that I get to visit all of the projects, attend meetings focusing on current issues of human rights violations, and walk along side Salvadorans as they commemorate their past. Then, I go back to the office and write about it all for the eNews, our blog, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. I am using my SLU Latin American Studies degree to be a voice for the issues that my beloved Salvadoran people are facing. For decades the poor in El Salvador have been fighting for their voices to be heard. And, now, I am humbled to be part of the movement to empower and give a voice back to the majority of the population.

I encourage anyone interested in the region South of the US border to earn a degree in Latin American Studies at SLU. The possibilities are endless of career possibilities it can lead to after college. The professors affiliated with this department want to see their students follow their passions. They were some of my biggest supporters during my time at SLU, and I am still connected with them today!

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