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Left: On Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, the Russian Division welcomed five new members into the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of the National Slavic Honors Society, Dobro Slovo: Albina Abdullaeva, Sabina Abdullaeva, Kurtis Breger, Tara Ukele, and Paul Vysotsky (not pictured). Right: Russian Division Faculty and Russian majors/minors at the Dobro Slovo Ceremony.

Club Members celebrating over Russian dinner (Spring 2013)

Russian Club Members at the Orthodox Easter Party 

The Russian Club of the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures of Saint Louis University first opened its doors in the late 50s when interest of Russian was boosted by Russian achievements in air-space explorations. The Club was one of the few available sources of knowledge and experience of Russian traditions and lifestyle. In its heyday, the Club put on shows of one-act plays by Russian authors that were well attended despite the fact that it was done in Russian!

Nowadays, when all kinds of information is "just a click away", the Russian Club continues to enjoy popularity among students of Russian and members of the local Russian community who are often featured as Guest Speakers or who just pop in to have fun.

The Club meetings are held regularly twice a semester and focus on various traditional Russian festivals or on a selected topic. Here students of Russian also get hands-on experience in making Russian traditional dishes and acquire a taste of genuine Russian food (i.e. borsh, pirozhki, bliny, golubtsy, sushki, prianiki, Russian salad ) and drink (e.g. kvas, tea with lemon). On special occasions, Russian Club members take field trips to the annual Russian Festival, to the Russian Orthodox Church or to the local Russian restaurants Dvin and Zhivago's.

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