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Saint Louis University offers a bachelor of arts, a minor, and an MA. The bachelors degree concentrates on advanced language training, culture and literary studies.

The objective of the degree is to prepare you for a career that will make use of proficiency in Spanish, or for graduate work in Spanish.

Because of the need to compete successfully in our increasingly global environment, a double major (or a minor) in Spanish and another second area of concentration is a popular choice for students considering a career in law, science, political science, international business, economics, history or education.

Unique Features of Our Program

  • Students have access to a wide range of multimedia technology designed to enhance the development of language and cultural proficiency. These include live satellite transmissions with news broadcasts recorded daily, interactive video, digital multimedia and a variety of computer software.
  • Along with its American campus, Saint Louis University also has a campus in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish division encourages all students majoring in Spanish to spend one year at the Madrid Campus. They may complete their entire undergraduate degree requirements on the Madrid Campus. Saint Louis University in Madrid offers course work in all fields of study as well as the opportunity open to all students to return to the home campus having completed the program in Ibero-American Studies. IAS is a multidisciplinary education on the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world and includes a three-week seminar excursion to South America.
  • In order to promote cultural awareness concerning Spanish and Hispanic issues, extracurricular activities are organized in our department regularly. These activities range from movie nights, cultural talks, social service workshops, dance demonstrations, to dinners and parties. 
  • Initiated in 2001, our Annual Graduate and Undergraduate French and Spanish Student Symposium attracts over one hundred participants from local and neighboring universities. This intellectual forum provides upper-level SLU Spanish students insight into critical research and the life of academia. Spanish majors who choose to write a senior thesis present their work at this event.

Activities, Honors, Awards

  • Students majoring in Spanish and others with a serious interest in the languages and cultures of the Hispanic world are invited to become active members of Sigma Delta Pi, a national honor society. Through this organization, students have an opportunity to develop their interests in Hispanic cultures within an international environment.
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