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Master of Arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts degree program in Spanish offers a holistic approach to the study of Spanish language, culture, and literature. At the same time, our diverse curriculum includes offerings in Peninsular and Latin American literature, Afro Hispanic literature, film, art, women writers, testimony, linguistics, applied linguistics, and teaching methodologies. Such a curriculum makes it possible to gain a solid, up-to-date background in Spanish Studies as well as to broaden the perspective within specific areas of interest.

The program is suited to those planning or already engaged in professional careers such as teaching or international affairs. It also has a record of providing excellent preparation for those electing to continue studies beyond the M.A. degree.


MA-in-Spanish Links:

Admission Requirements

Spanish graduate courses


Degree requirements – St. Louis campus

Masters at SLU Madrid

Financial support

Procedure for credit transfer

Student Symposium

Reading Lists

Qualified students may choose to add a minor in French or other areas compatible to their M.A. in Spanish. This combination can be an attractive option for those preparing to teach or work in an environment where competency in two languages would be an asset.

Two Campuses

The Master of Arts degree program in Spanish exists on two campuses: our campus in Saint Louis and our campus in Madrid, Spain. Courses are offered year-round on both campuses. Typically one graduate-level course is offered during the summer in Saint Louis, while more are offered during the summer in Madrid. In addition to the opportunity to develop an even stronger linguistic proficiency through total immersion in the Spanish language, the Madrid campus also offers direct access to a unique cultural experience. Students may fulfill all or part of the program requirements on either campus.

Applicants intending to study exclusively in Madrid should follow the application procedures explained on this page.

Technological Resources

The Masters degree program in Spanish is further enhanced by the availability of our Language Resource Center, which provides lab space both for classes and individual use, a range of equipment available to students and instructors, and an extensive film and documentary library.

The majority of SLU classrooms are “smart classrooms” with built-in equipment, including projectors, Internet access, and projectors. More specifically, Level 2 classrooms typically include: a projector or data display, a VCR, access to academic cable, Internet access, and external video/audio jacks. Level 3 classrooms include the same equipment as Level 2 rooms as well as a built-in, networked computer, a document projector, a slide projector, a podium microphone, External microphone jack, and a touch-screen control interface with room lighting control.

Library Resources

M.A. students have access to up-to-date Spanish collections at Pius XII Memorial Library, as well as to an array of journals, databases, and interlibrary loan services. MOBIUS, a consortium grouping Saint Louis University libraries with 60 other university libraries in Missouri, offers an online catalog of more than 20 million books and serial titles accessible for student use with courier service 5 days per week. In addition, there are 276 area-specific databases, including the MLA International Bibliography, Hispanic American Periodicals Index, Informe, ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), and Dissertations & Theses. A unique aspect of Saint Louis University’s Pius XII Memorial Library is that it houses the Vatican Film Library, the only collection of its kind outside of Vatican City. On the Madrid campus, there is a private library as well as access to all of the public libraries in Madrid.

Annual Student Symposium

The Annual French and Spanish Graduate Student Symposium, held in the spring, offers an important opportunity for students to present and discuss work they have done in a convivial gathering of fellow graduate students and faculty from Saint Louis University and other area universities.

1818 program

The Spanish program maintains close contact with several area high schools offering advanced college credit through the university's 1818 program. This active partnership with Saint Louis schools insures a valuable network of information exchange regarding foreign language curriculum and instruction. Teachers participating in the 1818 program are eligible for scholarship support.

Admission Requirements

  • An undergraduate major in Spanish or the equivalent
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Transcript
  • Academic writing sample in Spanish
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE -- for information, or Miller Analogy Test (call the Testing Center at 977-2963 for test dates)
  • Goals statement essay
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Interview

Application Materials

All applications are made through the Office of Graduate Education. You can find the application materials here:

Deadlines: For Fall semester, the preferred deadline is Feb. 21. This is especially important for applicants wishing to be considered for a fellowship or scholarship. However, applications for Fall semester are accepted up to July 1 (May 1 for international students). For Spring semester, the deadline is Nov. 1 (Oct. 1 for international students). For summer courses, May 11.

Applicants intending to study exclusively in Madrid should follow the application procedures explained on this page.

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