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The Graduate Education "Affording Graduate Studies" web page has information about a variety of topics, including housing. Below, you will find information that is more specific to the Master of Arts degree program in Spanish.


Fellowships and Scholarships

Full-time graduate students may apply to work as either a Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Research Assistant (RA). TAs teach one to two classes per semester in a structured environment geared towards the TA's professional development and promoting excellence in teaching. Students who have no previous teaching experience can apply for "TA-to-be" training during their first semester. Assistants are also encouraged to pursue the Certificate in University Teaching Skills, offered by the Reinert Center for Teaching Excellence to graduate students in all disciplines. RAs work closely with a professor on a research project.

Partial scholarships may also be available, through the Spanish program, to qualified students. One of these is the Father Rosario Mazza Endowed Graduate Fellowship. This award goes to students with exceptionally high academic performance and is sometimes granted to support of a semester's study on our Madrid campus.

Interested individuals should communicate their intentions directly to the Graduate Program Coordinator,, during the application process. To be certain of consideration for a fellowship or assistantship in the Fall, it is recommended that your file be completed by February 21st.


Research Assistantship in Madrid, Spain

Qualified full-time students who already hold a Teaching or Research Assistantship in our Saint Louis Graduate Program can apply for a one-semester research assistantship in Madrid, Spain.


Travel and Research Funds

Travel and research funds may be obtained through the Graduate Student Association of Saint Louis University, which offers reimbursement for expenses related to travel for research and conferences.

The program sometimes has other sources of financial support for qualified students who travel in connection with their studies, research or presentations at conferences.

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