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Major Requirements

Spanish Major Requirements (Effective Fall 2010)

Please note that some requirements have changed. The following requirements are effective for Spanish Majors declared as of Fall 2010

  • Total number of credits required: 30 (10 courses) 
    • 12 advanced language credits: SPAN 3010, SPAN 3020, SPAN 3030, SPAN 3040
    • 18 upper division credits (above SPAN 3040) in SPAN courses. These may be taken in literature, linguistics or culture.
    • Students majoring in Spanish may take six credit hours of SPAN courses taught in English.
    • Study-abroad courses may be accepted toward the major providing they have been pre-approved by the student’s faculty mentor in consultation with the Spanish major coordinator.
  • In addition to the 30 credits, the student must choose one of the two following options to complete the requirements for the major:
    • An additional upper level SPAN course (3 credits)
    • Senior Inquiry Research Paper (SPAN 4880, 0 credits)
      • 12 pages long. A five-page version to be presented at the Department’s Annual Undergraduate Symposium celebrated each spring.
      • Must be written in Spanish.
      • MLA format.
      • Must be supervised and approved by a mentor (professor in the Spanish Division) to qualify for completion of the Senior Inquiry Requirement.
      • Must be approved by said mentor to qualify for submission to the Undergraduate symposium.
      • Topic: any aspect of the Hispanic Literature, Language or Culture. Topic may originate on a paper written for a class, judged as meriting expansion by the student’s mentor.
      • Mentor: If written for a course, that course professor is the most sensible choice to act as research paper mentor for the student.
      • Contract: Both Student and Mentor must sign a Contract (see Contract form) specifying timetable for completion of the SIRP.
      • Registration: If graduating in the fall, the student will complete his/her Senior Inquiry Research paper the previous spring. Registration will be done, however, in the fall of the student’s graduation year.
  • GPA of 2.00 minimum.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

          Spanish Contacts:
          Dr. Oscar Lopez, Spanish Major Coordinator


          In St. Louis:
          Dr. Olga Arbeláez (
          Ms. Sarah Bauer (
          Dr. Elsy Cardona (
          Dr. Julia Lieberman (
          Dr. Ana Montero (
          Dr. Oscar Lopez (
          Mr. German Ayala (
          Dr. Nil Santiáñez (
          Dr. Amy Wright (

          In Madrid:
          Dr. Angeles Encinar (
          Dr. Cristina Matute (
          Dr. Olga Muñoz: (
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