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The Political Science department analyzes the exercise of political power as it relates to governance, citizenship, and justice at all levels: local, national, and international. Insight of this kind is crucial to understanding, and potentially solving, fundamental social problems like war, poverty, and oppression in all its forms. In its teaching, the department aims to enable SLU students to assess the root causes of political phenomena, thereby preparing them to be truly men and women for others: informed and engaged world citizens and effective leaders able to make positive contributions to society.

Degree programs
The department offers a major in International Studies and a major in Political Science. The Political Science major has optional undergraduate concentrations in International Affairs, Public Law, and Public Policy. The department sponsors minors in Political Science, Asian Studies, Foreign Service, Global and Local Social Justice, and Political Journalism.

On the graduate level, the department offers an M.A. in Political Science and Public Affairs, with concentrations in American Politics, International Affairs, Gender and Politics, Political Theory, and Public Policy and Administration. Students may also opt for a dual degree program with SLU's Law School. Undergraduate Political Science majors can take advantage of our B.A./M.A. program to complete the M.A. in less time.

Together with the department of Sociology and Anthropology, the department offers an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Public and Social Policy.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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