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Undergraduate Programs in Political Science and International Studies

The Political Science department offers two separate undergraduate majors: a major in Political Science, with a choice of three optional concentrations, and an interdisciplinary major in International Studies. It also offers a minor in Political Science and coordinates four interdisciplinary minors.

Political Science Major
The department offers four variants of a major:

  • A general major that allows students to pick courses that fit their particular interests (requirements here)
  • A concentration in international affairs that permits students to study such topics as economic development, international security, and political change around the world (requirements here)
  • A concentration in public law that focuses attention on law and courts and the relationship of both to larger issues of justice, social change, and democracy (requirements here)
  • A concentration in public policy that examines the practical application of knowledge to governance and social problems (requirements here)

International Studies Major
The International Studies secondary major is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to take courses in anthropology, economics, foreign language, history, political science, and a number of other disciplines. All International Studies majors must achieve proficiency in a foreign language, study abroad, and complete an internship (requirements here).

Interdisciplinary minors
The department also offers four interdisciplinary minors, including Asian Studies (here), Foreign Service (here), Political Journalism (here), and Global and Local Social Justice - Power, Society, Culture (here).

Political Science minor
The Political Science minor allows students either to take courses that sample the discipline of political science or that concentrate in a particular subfield (options here).


Distinctive opportunities for undergraduates:

  • Co-curricular activities like the Atlas program (more information) or election watch parties (more) help students become engaged citizens.
  • Internships in local and national government, non-profit and community organizations, and law offices give students the skills they need to effect change in their own communities. (more)
  • Students interested in law can choose to concentrate in public law, have many opportunities for internships, and benefit from assistance in law school applications from Dr. Morgan Hazelton, our department specialist in law and judicial politics.
  • Students interested in international affairs or a foreign service career can choose between the interdisciplinary International Studies major (more) or the international affairs concentration in the Political Science major (more). They may pursue an interdisciplinary minor in Foreign Service. (more)
  • Students interested in the practical application of academic knowledge about politics and organizations can choose the concentration in public policy. (more)
  • There are distinctive interdisciplinary programs at SLU in many areas of the world, including Middle East Studies, Russian and East European Area Studies, and Latin American Studies. (more)
  • Students can study abroad at our sister campus in Madrid or at many other locations worldwide. (more)
  • Class sizes are small. Students can expect individualized attention from their professors and also have the opportunity to conduct research, either assisting professors with their research or writing an honors thesis. (more)
  • Undergraduates can start taking graduate classes before they earn their B.A. and quickly finish an M.A. as part of our accelerated M.A. program(more)


Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Bill McCormick, SJ
McGannon Hall, Room 127

Director of the International Studies program: Dr. David Borgmeyer
Phone: 314-977-5160

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