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Interdisciplinary Minors

Minor in Asian Studies
With approximately 60 percent of the world's population and the attendant economic and political influence, Asia's and particularly China's global importance is evident. This implies more and more career opportunities in law, business, government, journalism, arts, and education for those students who have a background in Asian Studies. The Asian Studies Minor provides an opportunity for SLU undergraduates to add a multidisciplinary degree option in the geography, history, business, economics, politics, and culture of Asia. The Asian Studies minor is a 21 hour cooperative program involving several departments. It is open to all majors. (requirements here)

Minor in Foreign Service
This minor is intended to help its participants prepare for an international career, whether with the U.S. State Department, with international non-governmental organizations, with international organizations, or in the public sector. This is an 18-hour minor open to all majors. (requirements here)

Minor in Global and Local Social Justice
The mission statement of Saint Louis University affirms a commitment to the "promotion of faith and justice in the spirit of the Gospels." Because of this commitment, SLU attracts a great many students who are moved to confront fundamental social problems such as poverty, injustice, or war. In order to address these and other problems meaningfully, students must understand the social and political systems that contribute to them causally and the cultural environments in which they occur. The aim of this unique interdisciplinary minor is to provide students with such an understanding. This is a 21-hour minor open to all majors. (requirements here)

Minor in Political Journalism
The Political Journalism interdisciplinary minor promotes skills in analysis of political phenomena and effective communication of ideas through a variety of platforms. The interdisciplinary minor is suitable for students interested in careers in journalism, public relations in governmental or political organizations, or work on political campaigns. This is a 25-hour minor open to all majors. (requirements here)

Interdisciplinary minors supervised by other departments

Minor in African American Studies

Minor in Latin American Studies

Minor in Middle East Studies

Minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

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