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Major in International Studies

Majors in the interdisciplinary International Studies program take courses in anthropology, art history, economics, foreign language, history, political science, and a variety of other disciplines. They have significant leeway to choose courses that address their particular interests. Majors immerse themselves in a different culture through studying abroad and gain work experiences and networking connections through their internship. All majors achieve foreign language proficiency.

Because International Studies is a secondary major, all students must have another primary major. Some of the majors students combine with International Studies include Political Science, Business, Communication, History, a foreign language, Sociology and Public Health.

Requirements of the International Studies major
The major consists of 31 credit hours, including the following:

ISTD 1100 Introduction to International Studies (1 credit hour)

Proficiency in a modern language

Students may (a) successfully complete one of the courses below, (b) receive certification of fluency in a different way, (c) verify native fluency in a second language.

FREN 3040: Society, Nation and Art in Pre-Revolutionary France
ITAL 4020: Oral Communication in Italian II
SPAN 3040: Advanced Oral Communication
GR 4010: Fluency in German
RUSS 4150: Topics in Russian Grammar

Study abroad - for study or work

Social Science (3 credit hours, one course from the following*)

CMM 3300: Intercultural Communication
ECON 1900: Principles of Economics
ECON 3120: Intermediate Economics
POLS 1600: Introduction to International Politics
POLS 2610: Introduction to Diplomacy
SOC 3610: Sociology of International Relations
Other course with approval

Contemporary Culture of History (3 credit hours from the following*)

FREN 3250: Culture and Civilization
GR 3250: Culture and Civilization
HIST 3140: 20th Century Europe: The Era of World Wars 1914-1945
HIST 3160: Eastern Europe
HIST 3180: Modern Latin America
HIST 3190: Mexico
HIST 3210: China Since 1644
HIST 3240: Africa Since 1844
HIST 3250: World in Conflict Since 1945
HIST 3260: Modern France Since 1815
HIST 3290: Russia Since 1905
HIST 3310: Modern European Diplomacy
HIST 3410: Italy 1960-Present
HIST 3440: Imperialism and Nationalism
HIST 3750: Women in Modern Europe
HIST 3830: Modern Middle East
RUSS 3250: Culture and Civilization
Other course with approval

Electives (21 hours, taken from approved classes)

ISTD 4910 International Internship (3 credit hours)

All students must have the approval of the program director and complete College of Arts and Sciences forms BEFORE selecting this option.

*Substitutions with study abroad classes or other courses at SLU must be approved by the director.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the time of graduation.

For more information: International Studies website

Dr. David Borgmeyer, Director of International Studies
Phone: 314-977-5160

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