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Political science is the traditional major for those students interested in attending law school. While there is no undergraduate discipline that concretely prepares students for the case study method employed in law schools, the political science major provides the background to the political science system in which the United States' judicial system operates. It is also the best preparation for that large percentage of law students who are intent on a political career.

The government plays a central role in the United States' economy: it employs over 20 percent of the nation's work force. If you add to this the number of private sector workers whose careers involve direct dealings with government agencies in terms of contracts, legislative lobbying, or bureaucratic rulings, fully one-third of the labor force is involved in some form of public service. Political science provides one of the best training, at the undergraduate level, for employment in this vast sector.

Through a rigorous research methods course and senior seminars, the Department of Political Science also offers excellent preparation for those students who would like to continue their political science studies in graduate school. The honor's thesis is specifically designed for students motivated to pursue doctoral degrees.

What can you do with a Political Science major?

Careers for Political Science majors

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